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Welcome To Minting Welded Grating Co.,

Minting Welded Grating Co can supply full range of grating and sheet metal products for construction and building uses. We warmly welcome our customers to visit and cooperate with us.

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Steel Grating

Welded Bar Gratings are used in flooring, decking, stair treads, various buildings construction of offices, industrial plants, production workshops, stairways, treads, up and down stairs, mechanical non-slip walkways, interior, transport facilities, ship building, architectural decoration and more.

  Minting supplies Steel Bar Grating, Aluminum Grating, Expanded Metal, Perforated Metal Products and Stair Treads for export. For more and detail information, click on the related links below.  
Application of plate Steel Grating


Featured Products:

Galvanized Welded Steel Bar Grating

For Platform Channel Gratings uses. Bar type structure panels with big bar spacing and strong ability of anti-side shocking. Can be supplied with checkered plate shielding, instaBar Type Welded Galvanized Steel Grating Panelsllation connectors and other accessories.
Popular Sizes as below:
Load Bearing Flat Bar size
Thickness≥3mm, depth ≥19mm
19X3,19X5,20X3, 20X5, 25X3, 25X4, 25X4.5, 25X4.7, 25X5, 40X6, 40X8, 40X10,90X6.
Pitch of Load bearding flat bars(mm):
12.5,15, 20, 30, 30.6, 32.5, 34, 34.8, 35.3, 40, 60, 80……
Pitch of cross bars(mm):The sizes and dimension is not limited to above.
Grating type: Bearing bar: Plain type, Plain I type, Serrated type, Serrated I type;
Cross bar: Round cross bar, Square twisted cross bar.

Fork lifts Applied Metal Grating

Heavy Duty Steel Grating Panels:

Heavy Duty Grating is a pultruded bar type grating that can be designed and used like traditional metal grates. The solid individual bearing bars are designed to take heavy wheel traffic such as fork lifts, tow motors and truck traffic. Heavy duty grating is constructed of the same type composite used in the other products.

Hot Dipped and Electro Galvanized Steel Welded Mesh Panels for GratiGalvanized Steel Welded Mesh Panelsng and Construction Reinforcing

Galvanized Steel Welded Mesh Panel is a flat sheet welded structure made of superior quality steel wire or steel bar. It has flat even surface and firm structure. Varieties according to uses: Fencing Panels, Steel Grating Panels, Welded Mesh Panels for Construction and other uses. Minting supplies square mesh grating and rectangular mesh welded bar grating panels used as reinforcing mesh in construction.

Bright Hot Dipped Galvanized Expanded Metal Grating for Building Uses

Expanded Steel Tread PlatesAs metal flooring or decking for walkway, tread plates, stair protection of buildings:

Expanded steel grating is identified by weight per square foot. Carbon Steel Expanded steel grating is available in 3, 3.14, 4, 4.27, 5, 6.25 and 7 pounds per square foot.

Checkered Plate FlooringAluminum Checkered Plate Stair Treads

Checkered plate non-skid stair treads are used secure the outdoor walkway or flooring for a more sturdy stepping surface.

Materials: Aluminum or galvanized carbon steel, checkered or embossed sheets
Sizes: We can supply full range of stair tread with various sizes. Custom order can be discussed.

Architectural Anti-Slippery Floor Grates

Aluminum Plank Bar Grating Floor:


  1. Not suitable for wheel traffic
  2. High strength to weight ratio
  3. Relatively maintenance free
  4. Nonskid surface
  5. Corrosion resistant
  6. Nonmagnetic; non-sparking
  7. Attractive appearance



Minting Welded Grating Co is based in Anping, known as the "Hometown of Chinese Wire Mesh". Our company is one of the earliest domestic enterprises which concern environmental protection products. After 10 years' development, with reliable quality and excellent service, we have established good reputation among the customers. The products are not only sold to domestic market, but also to the oversea countries, such as United States, Japan, Germany, Canada, more than 30 countries and regions.

We have our main products including: Steel Grating, Stair Treads, Heavy Duty Gratings, Stainless Steel Gratings, Hinged Joint Field Fence, Stainless Steel Woven Wire Mesh, Decorative Metal Perforated Sheet, Expanded Metal galvanized wire and so on. We can also produce Steel Grating products according to your specific requirements.

We always keep in mind our mission in doing business: To be a responsible enterprise with quality products, excellent service and good reputation.



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Mesh grille Pet mesh expanded metal 358 mesh    



We guarantee better quality, reasonable price and prompt delivery. We believe that well-established reputation is the most important base for a good enterprise. We never sacrifice quality at lower price. We prefer to say Sorry before if we can not settle business with customers, not after.
What we have to ensure above:
Close attention to the up-to-date technical information of our industry in China as well as in the world.

Always seeking new and better quality products. more
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